PC Gaming Hits 30 Billion

GDC’s 2017 survey toutes that the most popular platform is the PC with 53% of respondents developing games for the PC. To go along with that great news, sales for PC gaming hardware have passed $30 billion for the first time. In 2016 43% came from high-end hardware sales at about $13 billion, with the mid-range at 35% for $10.6 billion and entry-level rounding out the rear with 22% at $6.68 billion. In my opinion, this shows PC gaming is still quite alive and well.

“We know that gamers with lower budgets are just as passionate about gaming as those with more resources and are enthusiasts in the purest sense of the word, so we decided to transition to a more descriptive terminology. Nvidia and AMD are not ignoring these customers either and offerings like the GTX 1050 bring powerful graphics processing for around $120."

Source: DSOGaming