Tunai CLIP - Bluetooth Headphone Amp Review

We have just posted our review of the Tunai Creative CLIP. This is labeled as a Wireless Headphone Amplifier, but think of it as a Bluetooth receiver for your headphones. It's a great way to take your favorite high-end headphones to the wireless world, and are a great solution to companies removing the headphone jack from mobile devices. They have some great strengths and a couple of other things worth noting. Check our review for all the details.

The name implies that this is a headphone amplifier and I guess in some ways it's true. The real deal is that it is a Bluetooth receiver that has a stereo jack. Also integrated with the CLIP is a Bluetooth microphone to give you full headset capabilities - with any wired headphones. Even if you don't have a wired headset, the CLIP will capture the microphone audio and then provide headphone audio via Bluetooth as well...