Hard Drive Reliability Update

I've worked with technology enough to know that everything fails. Some things fail at a faster rate than others, but hard drives especially all die eventually. There are some drives though that are head and shoulders above the competition in terms of reliability, and HGST is one of the better drives around. In fact the average age of their 3TB drive is over 5 years - and still going strong. Get all the details of these drives at the link below. I'll give you another quick spoiler. Stay away from Seagate 4TB drives.

In Q4 2016 we introduced a third 8 TB drive model, the Seagate ST8000NM0055. This is an enterprise class drive. One 60-drive Storage Pod was deployed mid-Q4 and the initial results look promising as there have been no failures to date. Given our past disdain for overpaying for enterprise drives, it will be interesting to see how these drives perform.

Source: Backblaze