Windows 10 Cloud is Microsoft's ChromeOS Alternative

Windows is pushing forward and trying to gain back a bit of market share from Google's Chrome OS with a specific Cloud Windows version of their own. While HP tried hard to make the Stream Book work, it was underpowered and still was a full Windows 10 OS - which added to the cost. Windows 10 Cloud takes this progression to the next level (hopefully) and offers some competition. We all know who wins when it comes to competition - consumers!

References to the new variant have started appearing in recent Windows 10 test builds, and ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that Windows 10 Cloud will be another simplified version of Windows designed to run Microsoft’s Universal apps from the Windows Store. Such a simple version of Windows 10 is clearly designed to take on alternatives like Chrome OS, and Microsoft will be able to position it as low-cost or free to use for PC makers willing to build machines with the operating system.

Source: TheVerge