Amazon cargo hub

Amazon already has a fleet of 40 cargo planes and a massive distribution system, so why not a new $1.5 billion dollar air cargo hub to go along with it? This new hub is being rumored to be built in the Cincinnati area (Ohio/Kentucky border) and could eventually provide 2,000 new jobs in the area. As Amazon has grown by leaps and bounds the ability to ship products cheaper than farming it out to Fedex/UPS has been something Amazon has slowly began to tackle and I would assume that it might not be the last air cargo hub we see with Amazon's name on the side. TechCrunch has more.

Amazon is building one of the largest internal logistics and shipping businesses in the world, and if you needed any more evidence this was the case, the company just revealed that it’s investing $1.5 billion in a new air cargo hub, which will occupy a spot that crosses the Cincinnati and Kentucky border, and eventually result in around 2,000 total new jobs, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The new hub is designed to help provide a home for its increasingly large fleet of at least 40 cargo planes, a group of vehicles it previously revealed it was leasing under the name of Amazon Prime Air, complete with Amazon exterior paint jobs. The planes are designed to help Amazon handle its increasing transportation needs, which are growing as its share of global retail business increases, and straining the capacities and capabilities of its shipping partners, which include FedEx and UPS.