Tesla Model S P100D sets 0-60mph Record

After watching the last episode of the Prime Video "Grand Tour", I can agree with Clarkson that electric vehicles are not ready to replace petroleum vehicles for long-distance and practical daily use. I am, however, impressed with the Tesla Model S and the performance they are managing to squeeze out of it with Ludicrous Mode. The 2017 Model S P100D is the fastest Tesla to date and has now managed a 0-60mph in a bone-crushing 2.28 seconds. Zing!

The folks over at Motor Trend had the chance to test of the 2017 Model S P100D and it was no disappointment. Like previous models that shattered 0 to 60 times, the new P100D became the fastest Tesla to date, burying an impressive time set previously by the P90D. By popping the vehicle into "Ludicrous" mode, the P100D is able to give the driver an incredible amount of power and torque that is unmatched.

Source: Neowin