Intel to Equip Fab42 Facility for 7nm Production

Intel announced that it will bring its Fab 42 facility online to produce 7nm chips which will amount to about 3k new jobs in Arizona. Though it will take about three to four years to get up and running, Intel plans to to spend up to $7 billion to get this done. There is the possibility that the company may start using extreme ultraviolet lithography in the 7nm fabrication process, however details on the 7nm fabrication process are still scarce and Intel won't start moving equipment into the facility until it irons out the manufacturing technology.

Intel said that it will use its 7 nm fabrication process to produce various processors for PCs, data centers and other devices that will be used for AI, automated driving, medical research/treatment as well as other applications. So, as usually, the manufacturing technology will be positioned to make the whole stack of Intel’s products several years from now.

Source: AnandTech