ASUS Takes Gaming Notebook Crown from MSI

ASUS and MSI have been battling for top spot when it comes to gaming notebooks and MSI has had a firm grip since they redesigned their units a few years back. ASUS has been pushing hard through and has been killing them on flashy design, features and performance. The end result is that ASUS sold 1.2 million units in 2016 while MSI shipped 800,000-ish. I still prefer the classy styling of MSI, but the numbers don't lie.

Currently, high-end gaming notebooks are priced at over US$1,799, mid-range models at US$1,499-1,799 and entry-level ones at US$1,000-1,399. However, Asustek, MSI, Lenovo and HP have launched entry-level gaming notebooks for sale at US$799-999 in the China and Southeast Asia markets.

Source: DigiTimes