Damson Cisor Bluetooth Speaker

Product: Damson Cisor Bluetooth Speaker
Provided By: Damson
Price: $59.99 at time of publication



Woah, That's Awesome! Normally in an audio review I would talk about specs of the headphone and how deep the bass was, or how the mid-tones filled out or fell flat. I can’t do any of that with the Damson Cisor. Give me a minute, you’ll see why. 

Damson is a UK based company that has been around since 2011. The launch of the Cisor Bluetooth speaker in April of 2012 based on Incisor Diffusion Technology brought them in to view of the tech community and in later years, to center stage of the awards show at CES.

We can talk about tech specs on the speaker a little bit later, but they really aren’t all that important with this device. How well it works is what makes this product a winner. The concept is simple. You have a powerful driver that, while not loud on its own, passes vibration on to whatever surface you stick it against, turning the larger surface into a large speaker. Obviously different surfaces vibrate at different rates, and thus will sound different. But when you find that proper surface (think solid wood or thicker metal), man oh man! You’ve got yourself a party. 




Impressions & Testing:

I was planning on demoing this speaker to some friends and taking note of their reactions as part of my review, after all, in the products Indiegogo campaign video, they show people amazed at the sound that this thing puts out. It turns out that I didn't need a pen and paper to write down the reactions. They were all the same. "Woah, That’s Awesome!" Followed by everyone wanting to hold it and play with it. We have a winner

Vital Details

Pairing is simple, twist the top of the speaker to Bluetooth, it turns on and is immediately ready for pairing. (The same is true for the 3.5mm aux in jack if you don’t have Bluetooth on your device, just twist the top to that setting and you are rocking)

Battery life is great. We had a group of 7 people playing Cyanide and Happiness’ game Joking Hazard last weekend, and the Cisor provided tunes for the entire game (and we played through the whole deck!) Damson claims 6 hours of battery life, and with a dinner break tossed in, we played Joking Hazard for just over 5 hours and the tunes were still pumping. I'd say Damson is spot on with their advertised battery life.


What it doesn't do well.

I wish it were heavier. You don’t hear that often in tech, but it is true with this product. If turned to full volume, the speaker will vibrate itself off the surface you have it sitting on. Of course, because it is breaking contact with the surface while it is dancing, it now sounds distorted. I found that adding 250g of weight to the speaker gave it enough heft to maintain contact on even bass heavy songs, and for that matter, improved overall performance of the device. 

I want to note that through the Damson website there is an attachment available that allows you to attach the speaker to a suction cup mount for better sound and vertical mounting options (think windows and doors). This product was not included in the review sample, and may in fact fix the downfall I noted. 

Not Included

Pedastal Not Included with Sample


The Real Deal:

Overall, I would say that the Damson Cisor is a heavy recommend for anyone who moves around a lot and can listen to music out loud throughout the day. This truly is the 1990’s ghetto blaster reinvented for the smartphone generation.

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