AMD Ryzen Will Dominate PC Gaming

AMD's Ryzen CPU line-up is getting some interesting leaks that suggest even their high-end premium part will retail for about $320 - only $680 less than Intel's equivalent - if leaked benchmarks are to be believed. As much as I hesitate to believe leaked benchmarks, I am willing to bet money that they are pretty close to what we are going to see on the finished silicon. If not, this would be devastating for AMD as the hype would quickly turn into a mob mentality as we are all hoping for somethng to challenge Intel. Mainstream CPUs get even more interesting.

But it's Ryzen 5 where things get interesting for gamers - there we see a mixture of six-core/12-thread and four-core/eight-thread processors for Core i5 money. This is the gamer's heartland, and the arrival of a well-priced six-core CPU that can compete with Intel is significant for reasons we'll go into shortly.

Source: Eurogamer