ROCCAT Skeltr Keyboard - Feel and First Impressions

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The Feels:

Picking the color and/or type of keyboard switches is probably the hardest decision you'll be faced with when picking your new keyboard. Every keyboard offers a little different experience and unfortunately sometimes you need to use a keyboard for a month or two before you can actually decide if it's right for you or not.

The ROCCAT Skeltr has gone with membrane keys (rubber dome technology), which after using a mechanical keyboard for the past few months, it took me a little while to get used to again, however, I am sure there are people out there who like the feel and noise levels that membrane keys offer.

Skeltr Top Down


Just for information sake, I've been using the ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro (Black Switches) and the Thermaltake Poseidon Z (Brown Switches) for the past 4 or 5 months, so switching to the Skeltr and membrane (rubber) keys was a bit of an adjustment.


Now, I can't fault the ROCCAT Skeltr for using membrane keys because there are most definitely gamers our there saying "Finally! I hate mechanical keys". If you are a die-hard mechanical key fan, you'll have to go with a different ROCCAT keyboard (like a Ryos MK Pro or one other the many other options ROCCAT offers) but you will miss out on a couple little features that the Skeltr has (Bluetooth typing or type to device as ROCCAT calls it, device docking slot, etc.). We'll get more into those features later in this review.

Skeltr Device Docked

There are advantages to rubber membrane keys, less noise and more precision are two that are associated with membrane keys and probably the two biggest reasons you might not be a fan of mechanical switches. For the first couple weeks of using the membrane keys I was undecided, however, they've grown on me and the rest of my household is happy that they can't hear me clanking away with mechanical switches.


Build Quality:

Build quality is a pretty important thing in a keyboard, keyboards take a fair amount of abuse and after using the Skeltr for a few weeks now, I've got zero concerns when it comes to build quality. ROCCAT builds devices to last, the Skeltr is no different. The Skeltr should be able to stand up to a good beating if you are the type of gamer who needs to pound the keyboard every once and awhile.

Skeltr Angle Skeltr Angle Skeltr Angle


On the next page we'll cover some of the Apps and Features of the Skeltr and see how that all works.