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Apps & Features:

So we've covered the feel and the build quality of the ROCCAT Skeltr, let's move on and take a closer look at some of the features and the included Apps that come with this keyboard.


Type to Device:

One of the best features of the Skeltr is the "type to device" option. Now with the click of key, you can use your Skeltr keyboard to type to your mobile device. 

Chances are probably good that no matter how fast of a mobile typist you are, armed with a full keyboard you can probably fire off a text much quicker. 

Now this is actually a great feature that I suspect we’ll be seeing more and more of in future ROCCAT keyboards (because it's actually really handy and useful), however, there is one drawback I found is that when your phone is paired to your keyboard via Bluetooth, Android for some reason won't let you use the onscreen keyboard so if you walk out of the room (but are still within Bluetooth range of your computer) you can't use the onscreen keyboard until you disconnect from the Bluetooth keyboard.

Skeltr Cables Skeltr Ports 1 Skeltr Ports 2


Is this ROCCAT’s fault? No.
Is it annoying? It can be.
Should all keyboards have this feature? Yes.


Bluetooth Calling:

Also included is the ability to take phone calls via Bluetooth so when you've got your headset and mic on playing a game you can take a call and get the audio and sound through your headset. This is another feature that is pretty handy and helps avoid missing a call because you can't hear the phone ringing.


Universal Device Docking Slot:

The least high-tech feature, and yet one of my favorites, is the universal device docking slot that runs along the top of the Skeltr keyboard. It's not a ground breaking design, but it is so handy to drop your phone in there (and charge it with the available USB port) and have your device at a handy angle so you can easily see what's going on.

I feel like I should have some technical reason why this is a good feature, but it just works, has lots of room (can easily fit two phone in it if you are really crazy), and saves having another phone dock cluttering up your desk space. 



Like with many other new ROCCAT products, the Skeltr uses the ROCCAT Swarm app to let you control your gaming peripherals via a wireless connection. You of course have to install the ROCCAT Swarm program onto your computer, which allows you to change all of your settings for sound, keyboard performance, as well as customizing your LED lighting. Everything is really easy to setup, changing the effect, brightness, and every other setting can easily be done without having to have a degree in programming.



Now here's the downside of the new Swarm program. My everyday mouse for quite some time is an older ROCCAT Savu mouse (4 million+ clicks so far and still working great!). So when I loaded up the Swarm software, which lets you link all your devices together according to the sales material, my Savu mouse was of course not showing up. Now if I go buy a new ROCCAT mouse, it will show up in the same program and allow me to customize both using one single program, however, older devices from ROCCAT are still stuck using the old ROCCAT R.A.D. software, which means until I upgrade I'm stuck running two programs to monitor and customize my devices. 

Is this the end of the world? No.

Is the lack of backwards compatibility annoying? Yes.

Swarm 2


It's unfortunate that the new software from ROCCAT doesn't have support for older devices, but it's probably not a deal breaker. Unfortunately I guess I'm stuck with two programs until one of these devices die, which doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon.


Hardware Monitoring:

Also included in the Swarm app is the ability to monitor your computers temperatures and other information on your smartphone. If you're into overclocking and pushing your computer to the limits this might be useful to make sure everything is working normally. This is of course customizable as well so you can make sure you're seeing the info you want. Be warned though, getting all the temperatures and information setup can take a little messing around and your computer might not be able to display that information correctly, just be warned. To be perfectly honest I got it loaded up and played around with it for a few minutes but then found that having text or message notification screens on my phone instead of the hardware dashboard was much more useful for me.


On the last page we'll quickly wrap things up with our overall conclusion.