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When it comes to keyboards, feel and personal preference play a big part in your buying decision which makes it hard to declare any keyboard as the "BEST KEYBOARD EVER!!!!!"

The biggest trend right now in keyboards is mechanical switches (and there are a ton of different types for mechanical switches out there). ROCCAT has done things a little different and gone with membrane switches for the Skeltr which you don't see as often as you used to (don't worry ROCCAT also has keyboards with mechanical switches if you want). Membrane switches when compared to mechanical switches have a much different feel to them (in addition to being significantly quieter), which gives gamers yet another option when it comes to buying a new gaming keyboard. Now I've been using a mechanical keyboard for quite a few months so switching over to the ROCCAT Skeltr felt strange for a week or so, however, after getting used to the feel I must say the Skeltr has changed my mind about membrane switches and I'm pretty happy with the feel of this keyboard. 



Build quality is also very important in a keyboard. ROCCAT with all their other products I've had the chance to use over the years has always built solid devices and have set the bar pretty high quality-wise, a bar which the Skeltr easily achieves. 


As far as lighting and customization goes, ROCCAT has you covered with the ROCCAT Swarm app that lets you change the Skeltr's settings quickly and easily to fit your needs. As far as ease of use goes, the ROCCAT Swarm app is one of the better apps out there. The Bluetooth calling features, the Bluetooth typing, as well as the handy dandy built-in phone dock are also great features of the Skeltr and I hope they make their way into other future ROCCAT keyboards.

Bottom's Up

Now let's talk value. At time of publishing the ROCCAT Skeltr could be found online for around $160 USD. At this price the Skeltr isn't a "cheap" keyboard, but in comparison with other high-end gaming keyboards this is right around the range of most other flagship keyboards from other companies. The options, quality, and feel of Skeltr I believe make the price tag a good value in comparison to other keyboards on the market today.


So in the end it's pretty easy to recommend the ROCCAT Skeltr keyboard. Great build quality (10), nice feel, tons of customizable options when it comes to lighting (9), solid value (9), and a couple features you won't find elsewhere(10), easily earn the ROCCAT Skeltr our "Top Pick - Gold" award and a total score of 9.5 out of 10.


If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, please feel free to post it in the forum right here.