Xbox One S with Minecraft = $200

If you live in the USA, Newegg is blowing out Xbox One S consoles with a 500GB drive and a free copy of Minecraft for a mere $199.99. While this smaller capacity console is not the hottest item right now, it's a solid buy and that's why it is going for such a good price. Normally, this is a $299 piece of hardware and there is no telling on how long this deal will last. Get it while it's hot.

For only a limited number of units (so you'd better hurry), Newegg is offering a white 500GB Xbox One S with a free copy of Minecraft for $199.99. The console normally´╗┐ retails for $299.99, meaning that you'll be saving $100. Minecraft may not be the most exciting game to be bundled for some, but the price is still an excellent value for someone looking to dive into the world of Xbox gaming.

Source: Neowin via Newegg Ebay