Cybersecurity "Experts"

A new poll has found the only 25% of candidates hired into cybersecurity jobs are actually qualified, and that's a stat that should scare pretty much everyone. Finding qualified security experts isn't an easy task due to the extreme shortage, however, it is also a good reminder once again that giving your personal information out online to sketchy outfits. If the big guys can't get qualified people to keep themselves and your data safe, chances are good that "Ed's discount cell phones" might not have the strictest data controls... DarkReading has more on this story.

Sobering news on the cybersecurity hiring front: More than 20% of organizations get fewer than five applicants for an open security job and more than half of all positions (55%) take at least three months to fill with a qualified candidate.

Of those who do apply, fewer than 25% are actually qualified for the posted job, according to a new ISACA report released at last week's RSA Conference in San Francisco.