It just keeps getting worse for Oculus

Oculus lost in court last month a $500 million dollar decision that they'd used code that wasn't theirs, which probably wasn't a great day for them. Now the problem is that code that they weren't supposed to be using has been distributed to VR partners and potentially could face a ban from the courts which would put Oculus in a tough spot. Now because the courts are involved, this of course will all be appealed numerous times, but it isn't a great situation for Oculus to be in while they're trying to push their VR offerings. The BBC has more details.

Oculus has already made the disputed code available to companies that develop games and it is also embedded in many of the games available for use on the Oculus Rift headset and some on Samsung's Gear VR, a device developed in partnership with Oculus.

If the judge enforces the ban, it could be a blow to the nascent technology, which Facebook has big ambitions for, said intellectual property lawyer Matt Jones, a partner at law firm EIP.