Phone Screens Made with Diamonds?

Phone screens could be made with diamonds very soon. Akhan Semiconductor is trying to do just this with its product called "Mirage Diamond Glass". CEO Adam Khan explains that they plan to choose only one manufacturer per category (phones, wearables, etc) due to supply and exclusivity. Don't plan on seeing these on Samsung or Apple phones anytime soon though as the semiconductor company plans to produce between 10 and 30 million screens for phones which is far less than what the two giants sell in a year. Catch the full story here.

But strength and toughness are only two of a diamond display's promising properties. It can also help keep electronics cooler to the touch, both on the screen and at the semiconductor level (so the processors are less likely to overheat), Khan said. How much cooler? Over 800 times cooler during use than the usual materials, allegedly. That would make VR and AR systems much more comfortable to wear up against your face.

Source: CNET