ASUS Toutes Expedition Line Products

Ever want to game non-stop? Well if you do then ASUS has some parts for you. ASUS launched a new line of GPUs and Motherboards called the 'Expedition' line which was built for non-stop gaming. The claim to be in the Expedition line comes from the parts themselves along with a combined 144hr compatibility test and burn-in sequence as well as stress testing the GPUs. Prices are said to be reasonable though ASUS did say they planned to market these to gaming cafes and the like which are popular in Asia.

The higher performing card in the lineup is the ASUS Expedition GeForce GTX 1070 OC Edition 8 GB GDDR5 (EX-GTX1070-O8G) that uses the company’s own PCB design (24 cm/9.45” in length) and slightly taller cooling system (13.1 cm/5.16”) with two heat pipes and two fans.

Source: AnandTech