Google Pulls the Plug on Pixel Laptops

It's a busy week in tech as MWC congress news is flowing in and GDC is now in full swing. Amid all of that, Google has revealed that they won't be pushing out anymore Pixel laptops. While they are not done with the Pixel brand, that will be reserved for smartphones and tablets. The shows the lack of success with high-end Chromebooks. Chromebooks are only popular for their price.

As TechCrunch notes, Google is trimming down the Pixel line to just the smartphones and the Pixel C tablet for now. Although there may be other devices carrying the name in the future, Osterloh said it was unlikely that its own laptops would be one of them. And don't hold your breath if you were in the market for a Pixel 2 yourself: the company sold out of them back in August and has no plans to restock them.

Source: Engadget