Yahoo discloses 3rd data breach

Yahoo has revealed yet another data breach, however, in comparison to the first 2, this one was pretty minor with only 32 million user accounts being accessed over the past 2 years. Their 2013 breach saw 1 billion accounts accessed, and then another 500 million in 2014. At this point I think users probably just have to assume that their Yahoo data has been breached at least once and if they are really lucky they might have been hit 3 times. Long story short, probably want to change your Yahoo passwords, again, or maybe weekly.

9to5Mac has more on this story.

Continuing the ongoing trend, Yahoo today revealed that some 32 million accounts have been accessed by intruders over the past two years. These accounts are in addition to the accounts affected by the two data breaches the company had previously disclosed.

According to Reuters, the accounts were compromised using forged cookies. Yahoo is currently of the belief that the accounts were accessed by the “same state-sponsored actor beloved to be responsible for the 2014 hack.” For those keeping track, the 2014 hack was the one that affected at least 500 million accounts.