Oculus Rift and Touch price drops

Oculus has announced they'll be dropping the prices of their Rift and Touch products by $100 each which brings the bundled price down to $598 USD. Individually you'll be seeing the Rift for $499 USD and the Touch controller for $99. The price is still a bit steep for someone curious about VR but it is getting closer for some. Unfortunately for Oculus, these products are flying off the shelves like they were hoping so there could even be potentially more price cuts in the near future. Engadget has more on this story.

We're just a few weeks away from the one-year anniversary of Oculus shipping the Rift to consumers, so now would be a good time for the company to drop some news. And here it is. Starting today, Oculus will begin selling Rift and Touch bundles on its store for $598 -- about a $200 price cut. On their own, the Rift headset is now $499 while the Touch controllers are $99, meaning that each saw a price drop of $100. Oh, and the cost of an extra Oculus sensor is now $59, which is $20 less than before.