Intel to chop prices?

Unsurprisingly in response to the much-hyped AMD Ryzen launch, Intel is cutting prices on their CPU's. Seeing as the Ryzen is offering similar performance to Intel offerings at half the price it probably didn't take a genius to guess that Intel would have to do something to remain competitive. Depending on the Intel CPU, you could see price drops anywhere from $70USD up to $150USD. ExtremeTech has more on this story.

Earlier this week, Intel quietly began cutting the prices on some of its Core i5 and i7 processors. This happened in the run-up to Ryzen’s launch, and was likely a move to preempt unattractive price comparisons that would otherwise be front and center when Ryzen 7 hit shelves.

Micro Center has adjusted its prices dramatically downward, with the Core i7-7700K falling to $300 from $380, the Core i5-7600K to $200 from $270, and the Core i5-6600K to $179, from $270, HotHardware reports. Even Broadwell-E chips get on the action, with the Core i7-6850K dropping to $550 (down from $700) and the i7-6800K itself now priced at $360, from $500.