Cord Cutters On the Rise

People have been "cutting the cord" and ditching their paid satellite or cable subscription service for a few years now in favor of another cord - their internet cable. The fact is that paid TV is pretty expensive - but it is convenient. If you opt out of your cable package, you'll need several streaming services to replace the content - but if you want less content, it's a great way to go. Another 1.7 million people have cancelled their TV package this past year, but that is only a 1.7% increase.

"With the results now in from all of the largest operators, it is clear that cord-cutting of legacy distribution services -- that is, without including OTT-delivered virtual MVPD bundles like Sling TV and DirecTV Now (and soon, YouTube TV) -- has at last meaningfully accelerated," Moffett said.

Source: DSLReports