RadioShack Looking at Bankruptcy - Again

It's been a rough rollercoaster ride for RadioShack over the past few years as they've declared bankruptcy, been bailed out, closed stores, laid off people, merged companies, re-branded themselves, almost risen from the ashes only to find themselves right back where they were in 2015. Looking to shut down and fold up for good. While RadioShack brings fond memories, they are distant and it's been a long time since RadioShack was really relevant in our throw-away generation. It's too bad I guess, but when you are late to adapt, you do become extinct.

The bankruptcy would deal another blow to the RadioShack brand, an almost-century-old source of electronics that struggled to compete with online merchants and big-box retailers. The General Wireless venture was designed to help the RadioShack name live on following the demise of the original chain. But pressures on the business, including sluggish foot traffic at shopping centers and a shift to e-commerce, have persisted.

Source: MSN