ROCCAT Sova MK Lapboard Review - Sova Testing and Final Thoughts

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ROCCAT Sova MK Lapboard Review
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Sova Testing and Final Thoughts



Now to my favorite section, the actual testing of the product! Throughout the last while I have been using the Sova and am overall impressed with it. I never thought a lap board would be so useful for everything on my PC, but it is. I started off with playing a few games with it, mainly Battlefield and it was very relaxing, yet still quite engaging to sit back in my chair. Having one USB jack for my mouse was awesome, but the second one was also nice to have for anything from a portable drive to a headset.

The wiring system for hiding excess USB cables works great and saves on so many snags. The keeper for mouse position is a great concept too, but it is designed for mice with smaller cables than mine and my mouse also has a knob in the cable so it didn’t work perfectly but I figured out how to secure it without having the mouse slide of the pad.

Sova Keys

The breakaway cable was a good idea so as not to damage it if it jerks. I was thankful for this multiple times. As for the mousepad, the peripheral also wins. The pad tracks well with mice and they don’t stick on the surface.

Macros aren’t bad for this device either, they are easy to make and use. The only things I would change is I would make the function key have a lock feature so you don’t always have to hold the FN key to use the macros. Lighting effects are also well done, the keys are individually lit so it is even and you can change brightness based on personal preference. I love the blue, but a few more colors would have been nice for a product at this price point.

I am very surprised with how comfortable this lap-board was to use, the four cushions on the bottom are good and think and make it seem more like a pillow than a peripheral! Quality is something ROCCAT seems to be knocking out of the park and the Sova is not an exception. Most of the finishes scream longevity and are built to last from the wrist rests to the bottom cushions.

The keys on this board are great! The press isn’t too far so you don’t have to pound the crap out of them, and being mechanical, they have that nice responsive feel and a good clicky sound without being overly loud like some variety of mechanical switches. Layout is also well done, with all the media keys being paired with the F-Keys and even though there is no number pad they kept the delete, home, page up, page down and end keys on the right side of the key section of the lap-board.

Sova Mousepad

Space is something this device also has lots of! For instance, the wrist guard is quite wide and has ample room. The mousepad is also beefy, sitting a little over the size of the average mousepad. All this board doesn’t make it too bulky either though; it fits perfectly in an easy chair.

Now that I have bragged the Sova up I must now rain down some reality of the parade.

I wish the power cable for the Sova had been covered in braided nylon, it just lasts better and looks like higher quality. Length was also a complaint of mine, I would have preferred at least three more feet just to get a bit further back from the TV. One thing that I am annoyed at is that you cannot turn off the sleep function on this board, like seriously, I can change every key but I can’t keep it awake!? Color is another trouble for me, I mean I love the blue, but a few more colors would have been nice for a product of this level. I also find it disappointing that ROCCAT didn’t see fit to use Swarm connect with this device, because I am sure it would have been awesome. 



I must say that ROCCAT created another winner with the Sova mechanical lap-board, it has a few flaws with connectivity and lighting but I think the comfort, quality and usability far outweigh the bad. The price point is also not going to make you feel screwed; coming in at $180 USD online at time of publication.

Sova Profile


  • Good quality
  • Very comfortable
  • More usable than I thought it would be
  • For what you get, the price isn't too bad
  • It looks great!



  • Cable is a bit short
  • Swarm Connect isn't supported
  • Can't turn off sleep mode for LED


As it has a few issues, I can't give it our highest award here at BCCHardware, but it does score a solid "Silver".


If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, please feel free to post in the forum right here.