Streaming TV surpasses Pay TV

Streaming TV has hit a milestone, they've finally surpassed the number of people who are using "Pay TV" services (cable, satellite, etc.). 68% of Americans now subscribe to a streaming video service compared to 67% who subscribe to some sort of traditional TV service. Obviously there are quite a few who subscribe to both, but it just goes to show how popular streaming TV has become. The Consumerist has more on the new numbers.

It’s been about two years since America’s major cable companies started seeing their internet service customers outnumber their pay-TV subscribers, and now a new survey claims that streaming video subscriptions in the U.S. have overtaken cable and satellite subscriptions.

This is according to the Consumer Technology Association — formerly the Consumer Electronics Association, the huge trade group behind CES International and other shows — which says that the results of its latest study show that 68% of Americans are subscribed to some sort of streaming video service, putting it a hair’s breadth ahead of the 67% of the country subscribed to a pay-TV package.