Project Scorpio Will Pack Internal PSU and 4K Game DVR

If you're looking forward to the next Xbox One (Project Scorpio), you're not alone. There are some nice and quite major improvements on this next build. Improvements include 4K game recording and an integrated PSU which will make the unit much more portable and tidy. It will also be able to be used as a 4K Netflix streaming box and Netflix currently limits that feature to select hardware. There are a few more note-worthy details at the link below.

Microsoft's Beam streaming service has been running public 4K stream tests for some time, and it's now fair to assume it will not only be PC streamers who will benefit. Project Scorpio's Game DVR will allow you to stream and record clips in 4K resolution with 60FPS, according to our sources, which is a massive, massive step up from the 720p, 30FPS you get on the current Xbox One.

Source: WindowsCentral