Nest Security Cameras Can Be Killed via Bluetooth

The more we are connected, the more we open ourselves to vulnerability. To stop this, we connect more device to our networks to monitor our valuables and family, but these also are subject to attack. The latest in the line of failing devices is the Nest Dropcam and Dropcam Pro security cameras. These devices have Bluetooth for setup, convenience and sensing when the owner is around, but a simple hack can cause the cameras to crash and currently there is no fix. This is a problem as a thief could disable the cameras before they pop in and steal your stuff.

For the first bug, an attacker can trigger a buffer overflow in the camera by pinging it an overlong Wi-Fi SSID parameter via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This causes the gadget to crash and reboot. The second flaw is similar, but in this case the miscreant sends a long Wi-Fi password parameter to the camera. This too will cause the camera to crash and restart, we're told.

Source: TheRegister