Apple's new products

Apple announced some new products to the world on Tuesday, none of which got people as excited as they once were, but now users have a few new options. Biggest highlight of course was an updated iPad, as well as a couple new iPhone models (new colors). Other than that the other announcements were pretty minor and didn't really get anyone too exited. Gizmodo has a list of all the new Apple announcements.

It’s been an exceedingly busy morning for Apple. As anticipated, the company earlier today released a range of new devices and accessories; and while the rumored 10.5-inch iPad didn’t make an appearance, there’s still a whole a lot to like about everything Apple introduced just a few short hours ago.

To help you make sense out of everything, we’ve put together a short but sweet list which highlights every new item that hit Apple’s online store earlier this morning. Whether you’re curious about the company’s new iPad models or the company’s new video editing app, we’ve got you covered.