Moto G5

Motorola (Lenovo) has released their new G5 phone which offers high end features for less the $300 with no contract. There are more and more great options for smartphones that don't cost an arm and a leg but the new G5 is taking things to a new level. The Verge takes a closer look at the G5 and explains why it's a tough value to beat.

The lesson of Lenovo’s new Moto G5 Plus is simple: cheap smartphones have no business feeling cheap anymore. The "below this price, you get a lackluster device" line that once existed has officially evaporated when you can buy a phone for as little as $229 with a metal build, phenomenal display, great performance, and satisfactory battery life. And best of all, it’s a phone that you can take to any major carrier, and it’ll just work. Very few other bargain phones can offer the same convenience.