Halo Wars Coming to PC

Halo Wars could finally be coming to the PC via Steam if the rumors are true. It appears that Phil Spencer was correct when he said that Microsoft wouldn't limit their games just to the Windows Store. This will make Tim Sweeney happy, well, probably not, but still it's good for Microsoft not to limit their products to one store. I'm sure they will get more sales through Steam anyhow as that is where gamers hang out and spend their  money.

The original version of Halo Wars hit the console market all the way back in 2009, racking up a million copies sold in just under a month, while its sequel, whose Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 and Xbox One included a copy of Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, was only released last month. Furthermore, Halo Wars only made it into the stable of backward compatible Xbox 360 titles for Xbox One a year ago, after having been highly requested by gamers.

Source: Neowin