Would You Consider a Disc-Free Console?

Back when the Xbox One was in development, apparently there were some ideas floating around that it should be a disc-free console, but that would limit resale of used games, and the option to multi-purpose your console. Still, the idea was there, but was scrapped in favor of a Blu-Ray option. Would you ever consider a digital-only console? It would require much more internet, limit sharing and really cramp people that like physical media. I think that only an idiot would do that. Wait, isn't the Nintendo Switch basically download only? I know it's not, but it's close...

With one less bulky moving part contributing to production costs (not to mention reliability issues/support costs), the disc-free versions of these consoles could probably sell for considerably less than their disc-bound counterparts (a decent PC Blu-Ray drive currently costs around $50 or more, for some context).

Source: ArsTechnica