EpicGear MorphaX Modular Gaming Mouse - Software and Setup

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When we received the MorphaX it was running the initial firmware and required a bit of a firmware update before we plugged it in and started testing. It would have worked, but EpicGear asked us to update and the process was painless. Once updated we grabbed the latest software and driver and set to work checking things out. It's interesting to note that each sensor has a completely different setup and requires it's own settings applied to each of the profiles. There are five profiles for each sensor and once you have all the IR LED sensor settings setup how you like, you can swap sensors and set up all the laser profiles as well.


Macros that are recorded can be applied to each profile, each button on both sensors. If you have some sweet macros for a particular game, you can export them to a file on your PC and then import them for the other sensor and apply them. Macro recording is pretty painless - as it is with most mice and I was able to put together a favorite that allows me to one-touch dive in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The software is pretty explanatory, so we'll just post the images below for you to check out.

Main Control - Optical Sensor

Main Control - Optical Sensor

Main Control - Laser Sensor

Main Control - Laser Sensor


You can specify USB report rate, scroll wheel speed, double-click speed, pointer acceleration, lift-off distance sensitivity, angle snapping, acceleration, ambient lighting, LED power saving and more. Of course you can also change the DPI for each profile and have up to four settings for each profile. That makes 20 different sensitivity settings for each sensor. That's a lot of customization.



In addition to the settings that control how your mouse interfaces with your computer and games, you can also change the colors of the LED lighting. It supports full RGB.

Full RGB MorphaX




Macro Manager

Import Macro

Importing Macros


On the next page we'll show some hands-on customization of the mouse, test it and then draw some final conclusions: