EpicGear MorphA X Modular Gaming Mouse

We have just posted our review of the MorphaX mouse from EpicGear. This mouse is unique in the way that it is completely modular. Included in the bundle is the ability to change the sensor from laser to optical, change up the switches and even the outer shell and color of the mouse. Combine that with a solid product, great software and RGB lighting, and you may just have a winner. Check our review for all the details.

In terms of physical hardware changes, you can pick from a great laser sensor or an even-better IR LED sensor. Once you've got those figured out, you can swap left and right mouse button switches and you are good for at least 70 million clicks. It's a great feature to have and it eliminates SKUs for EpicGear to try and market. You get everything you need and more and while it's not a budget priced mouse, you are getting a lot for the price...