Microsoft Surface Pro 5

It's been pretty quiet over at the Microsoft camp in regards to the next Surface devices, but finally someone has let the beans spill that there will be a new Surface Pro 5 coming (hopefully soon). Nothing too major in terms of details other than we'll see the new Kaby Lake CPUs from Intel inside the new device and Microsoft will not be changing the power connector. We'll probably know more shortly as it is expected that Microsoft will have a special launch event in the next couple weeks. Until then, The Verge has a little more info on the next Surface devices.

While we’ve heard some rumors around Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 plans, very little has emerged about the Surface Pro 5. Paul Thurrott has now revealed that the Surface Pro 5 will not change the proprietary Surface power connector, and that Microsoft’s next laptop / tablet hybrid will switch to Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors. Thurrott claims there’s “nothing dramatic” about the Surface Pro 5, which could mean the device is simply a refreshed design with upgraded components.