Twitter co-founder is selling his Twitter stock

The co-founder of Twitter, and largest individual shareholder, Evan Williams, is selling off some of his Twitter stock for "personal reasons". According to reports he's going to offload no more than 30% of his holdings which has people scratching their heads. He of course didn't make mention that Twitter's stock has been going down and the company has been having a tough time making money but instead he's going with "personal reasons" as the reason for the sale. One of the personal reasons may include, he'd like to personally have some money before the company implodes. Recode has more on the sale.

Twitter co-founder and current board member Ev Williams is going to offload some of his Twitter stock.

Williams, who was once Twitter’s CEO and is the company’s largest individual shareholder, said Thursday that he plans to sell a “minority of my TWTR” stock over the next year. A Twitter spokesperson said that he doesn’t plan to sell “more than 30 percent” of his holdings.

Williams was careful to say the sale was for “personal” reasons, not company performance reasons. Twitter’s stock is down more than 15 percent over the past three months.