iPhone 7 Repairability = 0

Here's a bit of "good news" if you have an iPhone 7. It seems that there is software embedded in this device that will prevent a third-party from fixing your device. They can try and actually do the hardware swap, but afterwards it won't work unless it's plugged into a machine at an Apple store to be "recalibrated". This is a blatant move by Apple to put people out of business and help increase their revenue stream by charging you big money when they do the repairs themselves.


In a video demonstrating the block, Michael Oberdick, owner of the independent iPhone repair shop iOutlet, swapped the front displays (and home buttons) of two iPhone 7 devices. When swapped, the phone displays an error message that says "The Home Button May Need Service." Its functionality is disabled and "Assistive Touch" automatically pops up on the device, creating an onscreen, software-based home button.

Source: Vice