How Much Should Project Scorpio Cost?

There are a few analysts that think that Microsoft will win the console war this year as they are pushing hard with their current hardware and with the Project Scorpio being the most powerful console ever built (duh?), it could take them into new territory and give them an edge over Sony. The thing is, this console won't be cheap. Also, there is no way that if it costs $100 or more above the original that it should be considered an Xbox One. At that point, it's a new console - breaking Microsoft's goals of releasing new consoles every 5-8 years. Gamespot editors give their opinions about price.

If Scorpio sells for $400--where Microsoft (likely) sells the system at a loss--people might forgive the current lack of enticing Xbox exclusives due to the perceived value of the hardware compared to PS4 Pro. Microsoft wouldn't be the first manufacturer to subsidize the cost of a new console, and doing so with Scorpio may be the only way it can revive Xbox's competitive edge in light of the current lukewarm game forecast.

Source: Gamespot