Roku TVs Evesdrop on Cable to Serve Ads

Roku TVs have been discovered to spy on what you are watching on cable so they can show you programs that are available on Netflix or one of it's other streaming partners. Roku TVs will advertise to you based on what you watch, and while this may seem like a big thing, the exact same thing happens when you surf websites. Relevant ads often show up based on your viewing habits online - now the same is true with TVs.

The way Roku describes it sounds pretty innocent until you look further and discover that while you can disable the function if you aren't cool with it, "viewing information collected prior to the feature being turned off" won't be purged. So, like pretty much every online-based service, any data collected during the time period is Roku's property and could be sold to the highest bidder at the drop of a hat.

Source: Engadget