Low Cost Surface Cloud to Compete with Chromebooks

First, the good news. Microsoft is working on a low-cost Surface with their Windows 10 Cloud OS software to offer a solution that will compete with Google's Chromebooks. While HP tried this with their "Stream" line, they weren't quite what people were hoping. I have a feeling that people won't be happy with the Surface Solution either as the Windows 10 brand will make people think that they can do whatever they want on the device, but it will be underpowered for intensive tasks. 

Prediction: It will start to catch on, then Microsoft will pull it early.

Google is on to something with its Chromebook line, at least in the U.S. Combined with hardware support from major manufacturers, a mature app ecosystem, and ease of IT management, Chromebooks are the preferred choice for school IT departments. In speaking with some local school IT administrators – both public and private – here in Marlborough, Mass., it is the ability to lock down and secure Chromebooks, followed by cost, that is driving Chromebook adoption.

Source: WindowsCentral