Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 12-inch Tablet

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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 12-inch Tablet
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Product: Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 12-inch Tablet
Provided By: Samsung
Price: ~$700CAD at time of publication

TabPro S


For full disclosure, I’m not the most avid tablet user, I’m the kind of person who still likes a full desktop system. I do currently use a 4th Gen (Retina) iPad as my main tablet, or more accurately, main mobile video watching tablet (it’s been a complicated relationship between me and the iPad). I’ve also got an older Android tablet which has served me well. I like the portability of the tablets, but the lack of power and/or functionality has determined my limited use of tablets.

So while I might not be a tablet junkie, I am a mobile power user who normally picks the laptop to go into the backpack instead of the tablet if I’m heading out on the road. For that reason, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S really peaked my interest to see if it was the kind of device that could that could replace both those devices for someone like myself that wants more out of a tablet than Netflix and Candy Crush.

The Galaxy TabPro S talks a big game, but can it actually replace two devices? We’ll find out shortly.




First Impressions:

The Galaxy TabPro S is thin, like “I wasn’t expecting it to be this thin” thin. When I opened the box on the loaner unit I thought they’d shipped me an Android tablet accidently because a full windows tablet couldn’t be this thin, no mistakes were made however.

Now the thinness is the first thing to be noticed, but after trying to flex the device a little I was actually surprised at how sturdy this device feels. Now could you drop it ten feet onto concrete? Of course not, but if it were to fall off your desk I’d say you’ll probably be just fine.

TabPro S


The Galaxy TabPro S comes with a magnetic keyboard dock/case. The case is very similar to other “2-in-1” tablets out there, it attaches magnetically and actually works surprisingly well whether you’re lounging on the couch or sitting at a desk. Now the feel of the keyboard isn’t going to blow you away, but it’ll the job done easily unless you want to write a novel. Even with the keyboard/case attached, chances are good the whole device will still be thinner than your old device without a case attached.

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On the next page we'll cover the specifications as we continue to look at the TabPro S.