Yahoo's CEO will still get paid

We haven't had a Yahoo story for a couple weeks and I'm sure there are lots of people getting worried that Yahoo's CEO might not get a nice big payout, but worry no more, Marissa Mayer is still on track to get an $186 million dollar payday as she leaves Yahoo. The deal from Verizon to buy Yahoo is closing in on the finish line and I'm sure Yahoo is hoping they can hold it together until then. CBS News has more on the story.

Regardless of how business pundits will eventually judge Marissa Mayer’s tenure as CEO of Yahoo, she’s succeeded on at least one front: reaping rich personal rewards. 

Mayer will leave Yahoo following its sale to Verizon with more than $186 million in payouts, with the bulk of the compensation tied to her Yahoo stock, stock options and restricted stock options, according to calculations by the Wall Street Journal. Included in the figure is her golden parachute payout of $23 million, which largely consists of restricted stock. Since joining the Internet pioneer in 2012, she’s earned far more than $200 million.