Nintendo's comeback

Good news for the Nintendo investors who stuck with them during some lean years, thanks to an estimated 121% profit surge it appears that Nintendo is well on its way back thanks to the best quarter they've had in 7 years. In the past year Nintendo has seen their stock go up a cool 60% to go along with the increase in profits, things are looking up over at Nintendo. CNBC has more on the story.

Nintendo's forecasts, however, set it up for a strong year ahead. Its forecast of 65 billion yen of operating profit, if realized, would mark a 121 percent increase. It would also be the biggest profit since the fiscal year ended March 2011. The company is aiming to sell 10 million Switch units. The console, which went on sale last month, has already seen 2.74 million units sold, with 5.46 million units of software sold.