More Nintendo News

Nintendo seems to be having a pretty good run lately with most announcements they've been making being of the good news variety.

The Switch has been doing pretty well, and those sales might increase a bit more thanks to the release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which the guys over at Engadget has dubbed "basically perfect".

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe looks set to be the Nintendo Switch's next must-have game. Regardless of the last Mario Kart title you played -- our experiences vary from Mario Kart 64 to DS iterations to the Wii U's original Mario Kart 8-- Nintendo is aiming to make this the most definitive Mario racer yet. To start, there's 48 courses and 42 characters (including some Splatoon additions), as well as an upgraded 1080p mode when you're playing it docked from the Switch and some auto-steering help for younger gamers (or grown-ups who should know better).

Nintendo has also announced their new 2DS XL, a stripped down version of their 3DS XL. The details on the 2DS XL are that it'll be hitting store shelves July 28th and will be selling for the $150 USD price range. Some people were expecting the 3DS and 2DS products might be slowly going away with the release of the Switch but it appears that Nintendo still sees a place in the marketplace for both products for the time being. Arstechnica has more on the new 2DS XL.

Like the look of the Nintendo Switch, but aren't quite old enough to party on a rooftop with impossibly attractive twenty-somethings? Today is your lucky day. Nintendo has unveiled the 2DS XL, a halfway house between the kid- and budget-friendly 2DS and the more expensive New 3DS XL. It hits shops on July 28.

The 2DS XL features the same upgraded hardware and second analogue nub as the New 3DS XL—which means it can handle more technically challenging games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D—but ditches the seldom-used 3D glasses-free functionality that was the handheld's biggest selling point at launch. It also ditches the odd, if robust wedge form factor of the 2DS in favour of a more traditional clamshell design.