Blockbuster Alaska Still Going Strong

Blockbuster in the continental USA struggled for years and then was shut down. For all intents and purposes, it no longer exists. In Alaska, however, it's still going strong. While it may seem odd at first that a state that is so desolate (for the most part) and has such a wide area to cover, still has active Blockbuster outlets, consider the internet. It's not very fast and only exists in major centers. If you want to watch a movie, it's probably faster to hop on your snowmobile and head to town to grab the DVD or VHS. Seriously, it's not that old-school, but it's interesting how it has survived.

Payne owns eight of the last surviving Blockbuster stores in the country, including seven in Alaska and one in Texas, employing about 80 people in total. He first purchased Blockbuster franchises in 2000, just years before the industry as a whole began to decline. At one point his Austin-based company, Border Entertainment, owned 41 stores across the country.

Source: WashingtonPost