AMDs $73 Million Loss is a "Good Quarter"

For AMD, losing money has been a trend for the past few years and with their new graphics hardware that can actually compete with NVIDIA - as well as their Ryzen CPU platform, they had a much better Q1 that they have had for a while. This means that the $73 million loss is actually quite exciting for them and they are hoping to do even better this next quarter. I think they will do pretty good - and hopefully it's enough to put them back in the black.

The AMD boss may not be completely delusional, say analysts. Patrick Moorhead from Moor Insights & Strategy said that Ryzen and the Microsoft win could indeed be the boost AMD needs, albeit not in the immediate future. "Considering Ryzen was only in the market a month in Q1 and with Ryzen 5 ramping hard, I'm expecting an even bigger desktop ASP [average selling price] and revenue improvement in Q2," Moorhead said.

Source: TheRegister