All the Microsoft Surface Laptop Details

While I do touch on most of the details in the post below, here is a list of the news from the big Surface Laptop event from May 2, 2017. There are some interesting bits, but the price of $999 from Microsoft pretty much ensures that their hardware will not end up in K-12. In the post-graduate scene, people are much more interesting in other hardware brands. My prediction is that the idea will die - or have to mutate severely if they want to stay alive. I've been wrong before though.

At its New York City event today, Microsoft unveiled the new Surface Laptop and the Windows 10 S operating system to take on the education market. The announcements today position Microsoft to take on Google's Chromebook and Chrome OS, offering lightweight versions to appeal to students, teachers, and school administrators. Catch up on all the latest news from Minecraft to new devices right here.


Also, Windows RT2 10 S is going to confuse lots of people.

Source: TheVerge