Facebook is Abusive

When it comes to products and services, it's safe to say that nothing is really free. When a company gives you software for "free", remember there is a cost somewhere. It is probably at the expense of your privacy. Facebook is not different, and is in fact much worse. They take and take without really giving you much in return. Oh, sure they give you moments of satisfaction and occasionally even a little levity, but in the end they take everything from you and can create a profile that is actually a little bit scary. Time to divorce - but really, that time came years ago. Get out of the abusive relationship and go explore. For more information, please check my Facebook page. Just kidding.

Earlier this month, news emerged that executives from Facebook's Australian tentacle claimed the social has the ability to create emotional profiles of its users, even to detect and target vulnerable teenagers. Which suggests we’ve paid a lot more than we anticipated for this ‘free’ sharing service. We’ve handed over a bit of our autonomy, sold a corner of our souls.

Source: TheRegister