Samsung Galaxy S8 - Most Fragile Phone Ever Made?

According to one report, repair shops are pretty happy with the Galaxy S8 as it will help them stay in business due to the fragile nature of the device. Granted, it has a glass front - and a glass back - okay, and glass sides thanks to the wrap around screen, but it sure looks pretty... right? In terms of performance, it's a solid device, but durability if dropped is lacking. The good news is that the actual screen panel is much cheaper than previous generations so it won't cost as much to fix if you have an accident.

There's an obvious reason for this, of course. The S8 is made almost entirely of glass, and has barely any top or bottom bezel, which is why the phone is marketed as having an "infinity screen." The upshot here is that screen replacements on the Galaxy S8 are cheaper than the Galaxy S7 was at release, and the prices figure to come down even further quite quickly.

Source: Vice