Google I/O

Google I/O was this week and we saw a couple new announcements from Google. This year there wasn't much at all on the hardware end of things, but we did see some software updates and new features that will be available in the near future. Google Lens and Google Home are both going to see some updates which isn't too surprising as they are both pretty popular right now. The BBC has a breakdown of what you can expect from Google.

At Google’s annual developer conference, held this week near its Mountain View headquarters, the company showed off some of the best practical applications of AI and machine learning I’ve seen yet. They may not make your jaw drop - or, thankfully, put you out of a job - but it’s an incremental change that shows how Google is putting its immense computing power to work.

We weren’t expecting any major new hardware launches this year, instead it was time for Google to build on what we saw here last year with regards to personal assistants, AI, and cloud computing.